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Dave McFerren.

The Linux Users' Guide appears to be a good introduction to the Unix/Linux environment. This is dated but just goes to show you that *n*x of yesterday is still relevant today. Whatever your distro choice, the core hardware interface is the same.

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My disto of choice is
  Ubuntu for a desktop, and Fedora for a server.  Come to the meeting and ask me why
There are dozens of different linux distributions.  Take a look as some of them
at distrowatch

  We Are

Blue Springs Linux Users Group

Otherwise Known as "BSLUG"
Sponsored by
  Net Solutions, Inc

204 C South 11th Street
Blue Springs, Mo. 64015 
(816) 220-0303

Meetings for March have been cancelled due to medical emergencies in the family.  Please be patient with us.

Please email me if you have any urgent questions.

Some general links that can be handy...

Freshmeat - a repository of software that may not be in the general distos.
Slashdot - All sorts of news for nerds.

For you running Fedora, try the fedorafaq website

Debian users may want to use the debian faq page

And of course Ubuntu Users may want to see the ubuntu guide or the kubuntu guide

Ever wonder about the $$$ involved in spyware? CHECK THIS ARTICLE OUT. A very interesting read.  Here is another one.  This is an interview of a botmaster and how he makes his money.

Its for Everyone!

We cordially extend an invitation to all Linux enthusiasts for our next meeting.  Although we basically host a howto on different topics every month, we like to have any and all input.  We would like to extend this invitation to attend to the general public, but it may be more convenient to those in the Blue Springs, Independence, Grain Valley and Lees Summit areas

So here it is in a nutshell...

Who is invited: EVERYONE! And just like Linux, its free! Those of you who want to know what linux is, or want to know if it can help you at work or at home, you are more than welcome to attend. Plus those of you who know some linux, but want to learn new things, or those of you who know linux well and want to spread the information around are all welcome!. So,  Y'all come on down!

Meeting time: 6:30-8:30 PM, usually, third Thursday of each month, unless otherwise specified.

Meeting Place: Certainty Financial.  1504 N.W. Mock Avenue, Blue Springs, MO 64015    Here is a map link

Subject for Next Meeting:  Still is open. 

Having problems with your windows install?  Got a machine that won't boot but need to get files off of it?  Try Knoppix.  The latest Knoppix dvd has just about everything you could want.

Do you use outlook express, and want to find something that will parse for junk?  Try thunderbird.  It works in windows or linux, automatically imports your email and contacts, does a better display of your email and is more secure.   If you are using outlook, you may want to try the new spambayes outlook plugin

Get Firefox!
Worlds Greatest Browser - it's FREE!
Get Thunderbird
Full featured email program from Mozilla. Great secure and FREE! says they would like to sponsor us with a discount coupon on their online store for our users and a product giveway in exchange for a link on our site.  So click the logo for RAM
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Linux Learning Zone
The Linux Learning Zone has asked to have their name on our lug page.  I think they give a valuable service, and do so gladly.